Saturday 12 December 2015
Sure glad to see you here!

Hey there! You, Goodlooking Stranger, you! Hope you have a few minutes to spare for this initial news update.

You're now looking at the newest incarnation of my domain. Instead of installing Wordpress in my free hosting account, I chose to install a lightweight, full-featured CMS called e107. It's the best CMS choice for a freelance writer and ghost blogger like me. It lets me build a professional-looking website that will have an online portfolio of my published works, a personal blog to showcase my writing expertise, and static pages to highlight my work history and credentials, among other types of qualifications that I may possess.

I used to have a self-hosted Wordpress site with the same domain name. I had to pay a little more than a hundred bucks for a full-year's worth of web hosting services for my old blog. It was too expensive for a blog that wasn't earning much from Adsense ads.

So, I decided to OBLITERATE my old Wordpress-themed blog rather than continue paying for costly hosting services year after year for a blog that's full of biased and crappy content. I wrote mostly positive reviews for restaurants, burger joints, bakeries and other local businesses that treated me and other bloggers to a sumptuous luncheon or dinner and gave us lots of freebies. I also posted salesy write-ups about new products and services to be launched locally, and promotional blurbs about current & upcoming events in Iloilo. As a result, my old blog attracted so many spam bots that continually submitted their meaningless comments of randomly generated keywords and links.

Finally, I had to delete everything I posted on my old MalditangPinay blog because of the cringe-worthy & embarrassingly candid posts that I wrote when I was still an immature oversharer in social media.

P.S. I'm currently looking into whether I'm allowed or not to put ads on my site. If I were allowed to do so, then I'm going to find out which types of ads I could use and what were the most indiscreet ways of placing those ads on my site.
MalditangPinay on Saturday December 12, 2015 - 14:17:11 | Comments are turned off for this item

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